Hi, I am Sabrina Johnson .

I am an from North Bay , Ontario Canada .As a wife, I have created so many memories. From our wedding to our anniversaries, and all the random special moments in-between. I know how it makes me feel, to look back on those times together and remember. I still smile.

As a mother, I know the pleasure that comes from watching our two girls grow. I know the joy of looking back, and remembering all the best moments of their lives. I understand the importance, of having those moments captured, so that they’re never forgotten.

As a photographer, I am dedicated to making sure those memories never disappear. That you always have something to look back on, and something to help you recall those precious moments that are most important. That allows you to share those memories with others.

There is something very fulfilling about helping others retain those most valuable minutes – whatever they may be for you.

I absolutely love what I do.



“A picture is worth a thousand words – but in Sabrina’s case they left us speechless. Sabrina is one talented photographer. Her ability to visualize the type of shots that fit the couple is amazing. Not only were the photos more than we could imagine, but they truly represented Jordan and me. She was an absolute joy and pleasure to work with! Her fun personality, mixed with her boss lady attitude is a true equation for success! Thank you Sabrina for capturing our day and leaving us with these amazing memorie”